Turning and milling works

At present, we have modern high-speed and precise CNC turning and milling centers manufactured by the Japanese company MAZAK, as well as universal turning, milling and drilling CNC machine tools.

The MAZAK QUICK TURN NEXUS 200M machine tool is equipped with 12 active instruments that allow for simultaneous turning and milling of parts with high accuracy within one fixing. Parameters of machined parts:

– 10 to 200 mm in diameter.

– up to 550 mm long.

– possibility of boring up to 150mm.

The MAZAK QUICK TURN 15SP machine tool has a 16-position tool carrier and a sub-spindle that allows to process parts from both ends with high precision and speed.

We are also engaged in pipe bending and polishing of stainless steel and brass products.

Professional staff with extensive experience in the field of metalworking guarantees the quality and speed of order processing!

Services: Turning and milling work – 1. Bending pipes. 2. Polishing stainless steel and brass products

Our work


In order to improve the quality of the main products, the owners of the company have invested heavily in the production development right from the start of the company activities.

Cutting-edge bending and grinding equipment has been purchased and mastered.

To ensure the successful production development, turning and milling centers made by the Japanese company MAZAK (QT15SP and QT 200M), as well as a number of other universal turning, milling and drilling CNC machines have been acquired.

High-class equipment not only allows us to manufacture goods of our own, but also to take production orders from other firms. The company has established stable relations in the field of metalworking with Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania.

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