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Stainless Steel Care

Stainless steel products are beautiful, hygienic and durable. The ease of surface care allows you to maintain an elegant appearance for several decades. Stainless steel requires minimal maintenance. Generally, washing with warm water or neutral detergents (soap) is sufficient. Ordinary solvents (chlorine-free) can also be used, after which it is recommended to rinse the product […]

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How to choose a heated towel rail?

Today, a heated towel rail is not only a heating device that maintains the optimal temperature in the bathroom, but also an important interior element. There are two types of towel rails: electric and water. Electric heated towel rail is very convenient to use, since it can be installed in almost any room, from the […]

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How to avoid electrocorrosion?

In order to avoid electrocorrosion, we strongly recommend: To connect a heated towel rail to the water supply or heating system, use the connecting fittings only from el. compatible metals.