Every proper owner wants to make their home not only cozy and beautiful, but standing out among all the others as well.

Every home has its own soul, character and style, which can tell a lot about its owner. Design, colors and, of course, the interior emphasize the apartment owner’s tastes, preferences and status.

SIA SEMKO produces custom made furniture.

Kitchens, sliding door wardrobes, tables, bedside tables, beds – we produce high-quality furniture for all types of premises: houses, apartments, offices, retail and public spaces.

Custom made furniture creates a unique interior of any premises, and for rooms with non-standard sizes and shapes it is just the perfect spatial solution.

You can provide your own designs or trust our experts completely.

Don’t limit yourself to the standard offers. With our help, you can realize your wildest fantasies!

Write to us - we will be happy to answer all your questions.