Frequently asked questions

How do I know you have received my order?

After placing the order, the Customer receives an automatic order receipt confirmation from the online store to their e-mail address.

The invoice issued at the same time, which contains the amount to be paid and the order number, also serves the confirmation of the order. The legally binding agreement comes into force from the moment the Customer receives the order confirmation.

What will be the final price of the goods ordered?

The price of the goods will be identical to the price indicated on the page of this online store at the time of placing the order. The price of the goods ordered, additional costs, if any, and the total purchase amount are indicated in the Customer’s order confirmation.

In which countries is the delivery of the goods ordered provided?

We deliver the products ordered to all EU countries.

How long will I wait for my order?

As a rule, goods delivery takes place within 20 working days.

Does the online store provide product warranty?

SIA SEMKO provides a 2 (two) year warranty for the products purchased through this online store.

In what cases can the ordered goods be considered defective? 

The goods are considered defective if they do not meet the quantity and quality requirements, as well as characteristics specified in the sales contract, or if they cannot be used for their intended purpose.

What shall I do if the received item is defective?

If the goods delivered are defective, the Customer must inform Semko accordingly. The Customer has the right for free repairs or replacement of the defective goods.

 Why has Semko refunded me a smaller amount for the returned item?

The refund amount for the received goods may be reduced if the returned goods are damaged, nonoperational or have lost their marketable appearance.

The value of the product may decrease during installation as well. Any improper testing or inspection of the product may result in a decrease in its value, which Semko is entitled to deduct from the refund amount.

What shall I do if the delivery is delayed? 

Please contact SIA Semko by phone +371 67674526 or by e-mail for further information on your order.

Can I buy an item and leave my order for storage in the store?

No, unfortunately, this option is not provided.

Can the courier unpack and install the goods ordered?

No, unfortunately, this option is not provided.

What if I can’t pick up the goods in time?

If for any reason the Customer is unable to pick up their order in time, they should contact Semko by phone +371 67674526 or send an e-mail to the following address:

Write to us - we will be happy to answer all your questions.